Brighten Up Your Day With This Cute Pigglet In Pink Tulips Garden

Have you ever heard of zootherapists and what they actually do? During these hard times we decided to teach you something new and, the main purpose, make you feel better and brighten your day. How? By spreading the power and beauty of creativity. The spring is coming, the sunshine and nature should make our days truly awesome and the talented photographer Chantal Levesque gives us a perfect example.

In a heartwarming photo session, Chantal displays the cutes piglet wandering around tulips garden. The cute little piglet is called Fluffy and is a member of the KhaliZoo Zootherapy team. This is a team of professionals who collaborate with animals to help people with psychological, physical, emotional, and social difficulties and disturbances.

Just take a look at the photos and decide for yourself if they are doing their job well!

The photographer herself speaks about the positive impressions and effects of the photo session. Actually, this shoot was taken in 2018. This is how she describes the reaction of the people after seeing these pictures:

,,It should come as no surprise that she draws a crowd wherever she goes and her photo session was no exception. Lots of “awwwww”s were heard, people stopped to take photos of her and would just smile as they crossed her path. One can only imagine the joy and support she brings to people’s lives as a therapy pig!”

Fluffy is described as an exceptionally intelligent creature. Working with her and other animals is a true adventure both for the therapists and for the people who seek help. Zootherapy is becoming more popular as time passes by and psychology develops new creative methods of solving people’s issues.

Levesque’s mission, alongside making people days better with this cuteness overload, was to show humanity that we can see pigs differently. Well, point taken! Enjoy some more photos of little Fluffy:

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