Librarian Suspected of Sending Subtle Message by Editing Books Behind Boris Johnson

In a way, book covers are virtually posters — the visuals are made to represent the events and ideas within. And one school librarian may have recently used them to protest the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson addressed the country’s children as they prepared to return to classrooms. However, As Boris Johnson told children at Castle Rock school in Coalville, Leicestershire, that exam results had almost been derailed by “a mutant algorithm”, observant eyes turned to the bookshelves behind him.

On the of an announcement that the top civil servant at the Department of Education (DfE), Jonathan Slater, was to leave his job, hot on the heels of Ofqual chief Sally Collier, the titles had a resonance which did not go unnoticed.

The Internet quickly worked out the message

And you gotta admit, it sounds really specific

The Subtle Knife 


 The Resistance 


The Toll 

A spokesperson for Castle Rock school told The Independent they couldn’t answer any questions on whether the books were specifically chosen to appear behind the Prime Minister.

They were also unable to specify when they were placed there.

Which is exactly what solidarity could sound like in a situation like this.

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