A Year Ago, I Started Sending My GF These Photos Whenever She Asked If The Baby Was OK

It hasn’t even been two years since Kenny Deuss from Antwerp, Belgium, became a father, however, the man has already mastered the art of the dad joke.

Kenny and his girlfriend, the mother of his daughter, have always had a bit of a humoristic approach towards both their relationship and parenting.

After their daughter was born, whenever Kenny was looking after her on his own, his girlfriend would contact him asking if their little bundle of joy was doing OK.

1. Reading

“My girlfriend had to look twice when she received the first photo [to understand what was really going on], but it didn’t take long before she and her colleagues started looking forward to new pictures.That being said, she always makes sure that the pictures were safely made. She’s always happy with the result.”

2. IKEA Feels Like Home

What’s really wholesome is that the core of these pictures is the father-daughter relationship. The two are having a good time and you can see Kenny really loves his baby. “Alix is an easy going, happy child. She is always smiling with a funny character, trying to make us laugh mixed with a hint of stubbornness.”

3. I Really Like Balloons!

4. I Was Shocked When Dad Asked Me To Fix The Electricity

5. The View Here Is Amazing!

6. Uncle Donald Came To Visit Today

7. My First Skate Session Went Really Well!

8. I Made Some New Friends!

9. My Dad Sucks At Doing Laundry

10. Dad Couldn’t Take It Anymore

11. In Lockdown So I’m Helping Daddy With Some Work In The Garden

12. Home Schooling: Balance On-Line

13. This Is The Wrong Door

14. Christmas Shopping Has Begon!

15. My First Quad Ride Through The Desert!

16. I Hate These Rainy Days. Dad Came Prepared. I Didn’t

17. I Love Storytime With Dad!

18. I Got Myself A Lift!

19. My Dad And I Went Skateboarding Today!

20. Went To The Store To Get Some Toilet Paper

21. Look Dad! I’m On TV!