Mexican Marines Rescue Dog From Floods, Then Take Him In As One Of Their Own

Southern Mexico has been hit by tropical storm Gamma floods and Hurricane Eta which has clashed with two cold fronts, creating extremely heavy rainfall. Over 300,000 people have been affected by the rainfalls, with hundreds missing and dozens dead. The region of Tabasco hadn’t seen floods of this scale for over 50 years.

Even though the storm has passed, the damage and the tragedy endures. The Mexican Marine Secretariat (SEMAR) has actively been on a rescue mission ever since, scouring the flooded streets and searching for those that were stranded. One of the few lucky ones was this golden Labrador retriever, who has been effectively been rescued by the aforementioned SEMAR.

Region of Tabasco hadn’t witnessed floods like this for over 50 years

This desperate golden Labrador retriever has been spotted by SEMAR

The published video, which went viral, shows how the story went. The frightened dog was standing on his hind feet leaning against the window sill; water had covered half of his body, and the situation seemed dire. The rescue worker firmly patted the dog’s head to sooth him, and helped him get on the boat, as the dog seemed too exhausted to do it himself.

The Marine patted him to sooth it. The dog was scared and hanging on to his dear life

He was too weak to climb on himself


He was carried on to the bigger boat

Here’s the now-famous video:

The dog finally had his feet planted firmly on the ground

SEMAR had taken him in, and did a health check

The rescue workers transported him on another bigger boat before the Labrador planted his feet on the firm ground. The SEMAR took him in and given him medical service, along with other care, as he was very scared, emaciated, making hardened soldiers want to cry. The Marine Secretariat has decided to take him into their large Navy family since no owner had answered the call to take the dog. In all fairness, maybe that’s for the best.

The Labrador got inducted into the large family of Mexican Marine Secretariat

SEMAR didn’t give him a name yet, and there’s an open contest to give him one. Given the dog’s medical state and mood, one of the officials had admitted that they want to make him a rescue dog himself. “The dog shows great potential and ability for that,” he said. There’s a hope that he’ll be one of the best rescue dogs since it had the experience of being rescued itself. Goes to show that even in the heavy clouds there are a few rays of light and hope shining through.

SEMAR has hopes that the dog will become a rescue dog himself one day