Pennsylvania AG’s Son Crashes His Dad’s MSNBC Interview By Walking Into The Room While On His Phone

Remember when that one kid waltzed into his dad’s office while he was giving an interview on live television? And then, to make matters worse, his other kid also walked in and the mom rushed to drag them out, making for one of the most hilarious moments in internet history?

Well, it happened again. This time it was with Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and his son, who managed to accidentally walk in on his interview with MSNBC, which the internet found every bit as hilarious as the previous time.

Pennsylvania Attorney General was having a live TV interview to discuss the 2020 US Election

So, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro was on MSNBC to talk about the then-ongoing US election. Besides a number of other pressing issues, Shapiro was discussing Trump’s false claims regarding election fraud, when something unexpected happened in the background.

Shapiro’s son casually walked in through the door behind him, taken away by his phone, when he stopped, took a regretful glance at the camera and Shapiro giving an interview, as if with a sense of impending doom, and like in that one viral clip of Homer retreating back into the bushes, he paced nonchalantly backwards through the doorway as if nothing happened.

But his son accidentally wandered into the room where he was giving the interview

Throughout this entire scene, Shapiro didn’t lose his cool. Whether it was because he was actually cool about it, or simply was too focused on what he was saying and failed to notice his son walking in, it’s uncertain.

As mentioned before, a similar situation happened several years back when Robert Kelly, a political analyst and professor in political science, was giving an interview on live television and his two kids walked in.

First, it was his daughter who was the one who opened the door and waltzed in like daddy wasn’t really doing anything particularly important, and then the younger kid drove in on his walker. Moments later, the mother of the kids jumped in to drag them all out. It was hilariously awesome.

The son quickly noticed his mistake and started hilariously pacing backwards as if nothing happened

Shapiro himself reacted after he found out what had happened by tweeting “I’m taking his phone away for 24 hours,” ending his tweet with a tears of laughteremoji. Hopefully, the kid isn’t in trouble for this. It wasn’t like he came in and started making faces or doing a TikTok dance or something.

Now, the Attorney General has four children and one of his daughters also tweeted a reaction to this viral incident, being proud of her younger sibling by saying “My brother is a meme now and I am here for it.”

Shapiro was either super chill about it, or didn’t seem to notice it at all

The Democratic AG, who was re-elected this week, has four children—Sophia, Jonah, Max, and Reuben—his political biography says. On Twitter, Shapiro’s daughter referenced the viral incident, saying she was a “proud sister,” which is the perfect sibling response. “My brother is a meme now and I am here for it,” she wrote.

Needless to say, people online loved this. Some joked that the kid truly won the election night the day the interview aired. Others pointed out how relatable the situation is and that all parents are in the same boat during these interesting 2020 times. Yet others jested that everyone nowadays feels like Shapiro’s son because of the pandemic.

After the interview, Shapiro joked that he’ll take away the kid’s phone for a day

People online loved the whole thing, and even noticed a hidden message in he background

Here’s how people online reacted to this funny incident