Banksy Sneezing Woman Artwork Appears On Bristol House

The anonymous England-based street artist Banksy is back at the center of attention with another one of his thought-provoking pieces of art. This time, it’s a COVID-themed mural that has recently appeared in one of the steepest streets in Bristol, England.

The new artwork features a senior lady in a headscarf holding a handkerchief but dropping her handbag and her walking stick as she sneezes out her dentures.

The new thought-provoking mural appeared on Vale Street, one of Britain’s steepest residential roads

This stenciled COVID-themed artwork appeared on Vale Street, one of Britain’s steepest residential roads. On Thursday, Banksy went online to confirm that the mural was, in fact, painted by him. The artist posted a few pictures capturing the artwork on his Instagram account. “Aachoo!!” he wrote in the description of  his post .

On Thursday, Banksy confirmed that the artwork was, in fact, created by him

According to the BBC, a local resident named Dale Comley saw a “bulky guy in a high-vis jacket” early on Thursday morning who he thinks was Banksy. “I saw a man in a high-vis jacket leaning against the railings opposite—he was looking at the wall the whole time. Then about an hour later, I looked out and saw loads of people in the street,” the man shared with the BBC.

The mural features a senior lady holding a handkerchief and sneezing out her dentures

In case you didn’t know, Banksy is an anonymous street artist, political activist, and film director from Britain that began his artistic journey in the 1990s. The artist is most known for his spray-painted murals that are often satirical, thought-provoking and featuring political messages. To this day, Banksy’s identity and name remain unconfirmed.

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