“That’s An 8500% Markup”: Doctor Goes Viral On Twitter After Sharing A Thread About How Retail Pharmacies Put A Ridiculous Markup On Medicine

We’ve all heard a thing or two about the American healthcare system. To put it simply—it’s probably not the best system in the world. People who get ill are sometimes left with huge debts, it costs hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to call an ambulance, and they can even charge you for  “skin to skin” contact  when you give birth to your child. Talk about unfair!

When it comes to medicine, the situation seems even direr. Recently, Emily Porter, a doctor based in Austin, Texas, shared an infuriating Twitter thread about the cost of drugs and ridiculous markups on medicine. Scroll down below to read it!

This doctor went on Twitter to share a thread about the ridiculous markups on medicine

The thread shared by an Austin-based MD has caused quite a stir and received more than 56k likes and over 18k retweets. A lot of people on Twitter found the thread infuriating. “Why aren’t Americans smashing [things] up over this and demanding a better system?” someone tweeted below the now-viral thread. “The worst thing is that American healthcare ideology is bleeding over the pond. There needs to be some direct action ASAP.”

“Retail pharmacies make an absolute killing”

“How frustrating to be a patient and take in a prescription only to find out it isn’t affordable”

“The patient is angry, the doctor is frustrated, and the pharmacist is busy”

“So you’ll wait in the ER and we’ll avoid eye contact the 9 hours you’re there feeling like we’ve failed you”

Here’s what other people said in a viral thread