Woman Gets An Angry Note From Neighbour Slamming Her Christmas Decorations – So She Responds By Adding More

How do you get into the Christmas spirit? Maybe you decorate a tree? Get a sweater? Bake some cookies? Whatever it is, I’m sure you’re not belittling other people just to pet your weak ego and feel superior. This Karen, however, starts the holiday season doing exactly that.

When she spotted a Gargoyle on her neighbor’s porch, she left a note demanding that the woman take it down immediately. It’s not very festive, she argued. Maybe she wouldn’t have done it if she knew how all of it would play out, but I’m kinda glad she put her obnoxious personality on full display—it backfired.

Instead of accepting Karen’s ultimatum, the neighbor decided to up her game even more. Thus, a hilarious feud ensued. And Karen had no chance of winning it.