Bill Nye Went Mega-Viral On TikTok After He Shut Down “Anti-Maskers” For Their Fake Science

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, and we humans continue to contribute to its destruction by refusing to follow simple  regulations . I mean, it’s as simple as putting a piece of cloth over your face. And it works. However, it’s still too difficult for some to understand.

Bill Nye has officially had enough of anti-maskers. Last week, he uploaded  a video  to TikTok, where he uses simple everyday objects and language to explain why masks slow the spread of coronavirus and save lives.

In just 4 days, the video has been viewed nearly 14 million times. Let’s hope at least a few of them belong to anti-maskers who changed their mind and disavowed their society-harming views.

Bill Nye has officially had enough of anti-maskers

Four days ago, he uploaded a video on TikTok where he uses simple household objects and language to explain why masks slow the spread of coronavirus and save lives

General practitioner, medical researcher, and founder of  PrimeHealth Clinical Research , Iris Gorfinkel, M.D.,said that the CDC made it clear that masks protect both their wearers and the people around them. “Masks are helpful because they block large and fine droplet particles that the virus can cling to,” Gorfinkel said. “They’re helpful for blocking not just COVID-19 but other viruses as well, including influenza.”

“In fact, a study done in Thailand looked at more than 1,000 people and found that those wearing a mask during high-risk exposure reduce the risk of getting infected by 70%. That’s seven zero. That’s a lot. And we’ve also seen reduced transmission on flights lasting longer than 10 hours.”

The Science Guy went above and beyond trying to get his point across

“When the mucous membranes dry out, they’re less effective in removing viruses,” Gorfinkel explained. “So masks also help by humidifying and warming the air we breathe. That’s an addition to their blocking capabilities.”

And the video has already been viewed nearly 14 million times


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