Puppy That Looks Like A Bear Cub Was Abandoned For Being “Too Big To Sell,” Finds A Loving Home

Bertram has had a rocky start to life but has eventually become a rock star. The Pomeranian was abandoned at just 5 months old because his breeders deemed him too big to sell. However, artist Kathy Grayson discovered his photos online and simply couldn’t resist the pup.

“I saw Bert on PetFinder.com—there were three little photos,” said Grayson. “I thought the magic of knowing your new friend immediately wasn’t real until I felt it! His little face, his blue bandana, his giant paws and eyes pointing different directions, he was grey-colored, not brown, as a puppy, the expression on his face spoke to me, I knew it would be him.”
She adopted Bertie from a shelter in Oklahoma and now they both live in New York City, and the adorable chocolate Pom who looks like a tiny bear couldn’t be happier.

To document her four-legged buddy’s everyday life, Grayson set him up an Instagram account. From taking walks and naps to enjoying play dates and snacks, Bertie’s photos took over the platform, and now his fan army is 437,000 people strong. Continue scrolling to get to know the fella yourself!

Recalling which pics really boosted Bertie’s popularity, Kathy said the initial growth was probably caused by a few cute shots where he fell asleep in the supermarket and fetched a meatball, but it was when she dressed him up as Paddington Bear that the Pom caused an explosion of happiness on his account. The Pom’s owner thinks it must’ve been around the time Paddington 2 hit the movie theatres. “He really looked just like the bear in the movie, it was uncanny. He is a little bear cub.” He sometimes even gets recognized on the street.

In his spare time, Bertie “works” as an art connoisseur in his owner’s gallery The Hole. “People come to the art gallery where he works to give him presents and take photos. He is always very nice to fans! Lots of kisses,” Kathy explained. “Working at the art gallery, he gets to stay with me all day, which is definitely what he prefers. His favorite place is the dog park so every afternoon, he pulls me over there, he can wrestle and hump with all his friends.”

Spending so much time with the pup, it has become evident for Kathy that his mission is to bring happiness and joy to as many people as possible, so she just tries to capture his talent for it and share it widely. “The internet is a dark place! I want to help provide an antidote to all the ugliness and simply put a smile on people’s faces with his little brown face.”