12 Babies Who Look Exactly Like Famous Celebrities

We’ve all seen babies that look like their parents. Which is only natural because they share the same DNA. Sometimes you’ll even see a baby that looks exactly like an aunt or uncle. They have similar DNA, so that makes sense too.


But what about those rare occurrences where you see a baby that looks like a complete stranger.

It doesn’t happen too often, but it does happen. And when it does it’s completely inexplicable. Were they separated at birth? Did mom have a secret relationship with the “milkman?”

How could a baby look like a complete stranger? We don’t really have an answer for that, but one thing we do know is that some of these babies look just like strangers who also just happen to be famous celebrities. I mean the resemblance is absolutely uncanny.


Their expressions don’t just somewhat resemble the celebrity they look like, these babies literally look like they could be the celebrities as a baby or one of their offspring.

Imagine looking at your baby and seeing someone that you see on TV or in the movies? Totally, weird but these babies 100 percent have celebrity doppelgangers, some of which are 20, 30, or even 40 years their senior.

See what we mean below:


1. The Amy Schumer Baby

This pretty little baby has the same mouth, cheeks, and even the same hair as this famous funny woman. Hopefully, she doesn’t have a mouth like Amy Schumer too!



2. The Prince George Baby

When your baby thinks he’s royalty but if that were true he wouldn’t be in a Walmart.



3. The Vin Diesel Baby



4. The Wallace Shawn Baby

The resembalance of this baby to Wallace Shawn is inconceivable!



5. The Ed Sheeran Baby

This little baby girl who looks more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran does.



6. The John Legend Baby

Does John Legend know that he has an illegitimate child?



7. The Gandalf Baby

I wonder if this baby has wizard powers.



8. The Gordon Ramsay Baby

Do you think this baby was born with culinary skills too or the ability to tell someone off until they realize all the things they’ve been ignoring about themselves?



9. The Mrs. Doubtfire Baby

It even looks like she’s saying “Help is on the waaaayyyyy!



10. The Kevin From The Office Baby

Hopefully, this baby won’t grow up to have feet as stinky as Kevin.



11. The Danny Devito Baby

Have you ever seen a baby with a hairline like this?



12. The Jay-Z Baby