Proud Mom Shares How Her 13-Year-Old Son Came Out To Her And It’s Heartwarming

2020 is about to end and despite all the heartbreaking moments it has been taking us through, the past 12 months have brought a few that put a smile on our faces too. This viral story is about one of them.

Just before Christmas, writer Amanda Mancino-Williams turned to Twitter to share the wholesome booklet her 13-year-old made for her. “Got a note from my 13yo tonight, under the door, like they always did when there was something important to say,” she wrote.

The pages included drawings of a daughter, intended as a pun for the word “dot-er,” and a sun, a pun for the word “son.”

The little one explained, “I was originally expected to be an artist who specialized in pointillism, but I have discovered that being a ball of gas suits me better.”

The mother was really proud to receive the booklet

As her tweets were going viral, people were sending the family their best wishes

Here are just a few responses the thread has received