Guy Shares Mom’s Rude Messages About His Dating Life, Other People Share Similar Experiences

Dating’s a challenge even when everything’s going right. But throw in a global pandemic with  strict quarantine regulations , sprinkle in some severe anxiety, add some stress about your future, and you’ll get the 2020 version of romance. While that’s bound to make some people take a break from going out (the dating kind and the literal leaving-your-house kind), you can bet your bottom dollar that this won’t stop your family members from asking when you’ll stop being single.

London-based radio producer Adem Waterman went viral after he shared how his mom reacted to him saying he’s still single, and others pitched in with their own hilarious tweets about family members reacting to their life stories.

Check out some of the best responses below and let us know which ones hit closest to home. Do your family members keep pressuring you to go on dates, get married, and have kids? Let us know what that’s like for you in the comments, dear Pandas.

Adem from London went viral after sharing how his mom roasted him after he said he’s still single

Adem’s thread got more than 66k upvotes, over 4.2k reshares, and the man admitted that he’s been getting plenty of direct messages from potential dates already. We also absolutely adored Adem’s sense of humor—he’s not afraid to poke fun at himself and his honesty on Twitter is part of his charm.

Our loved ones teasing us about being single is nothing new and most of us have probably been there. Especially before the holidays like Christmas, Easter, the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving… wait, that’s pretty much all year long, isn’t it?

Even though your mom and dad can’t wait for you to start a family of your own, the fact of the matter is, dating in 2020 is a disaster for many, many people. While some have found ways to go on romantic dates by going all-out with their creativity , others have been cooped up at home with only their cats, Netflix, and Zoom to keep them company.

Because of how serious the Covid-19 lockdown rules are in some countries, going on dates might actually illegal, as it counts as mixing people from different households. Oh, and the quarantine regulations keep changing constantly, so keeping up with that is a whole other hassle.

Dating in 2020 practically requires that you stay on top of the latest news, have in-depth knowledge about health, and have an up-to-date understanding of pandemic-related legal changes. So, is it a surprise that Adem doesn’t have a boyfriend yet? We just hope next year’s going to be better and safer for all of us. More love, less fear!

Other people pitched in with their own stories about how their family members reacted in insensitive but hilarious ways