Guy Goes Viral For For His Transformation, Receives Hate Messages, Prints Them On A Shirt, Goes Viral Again

No matter what a magical place the internet may sometimes be, it still has its flaws. One of them is online trolling, a practice that has been surging in recent years. With many commenters finding a safe place in the comfort of their home, few things seem to be off-limits when it comes to criticizing someone out loud publicly.

And one Reddit user, a man who recently lost a significant amount of weight, is no stranger to bullies. In fact, after posting his weight loss pics, the man got to the front page of Reddit (big ups to you!) and the trolls went all in on him. “A few Redditors are upset my posts keep hitting the front page and send me mean messages/comments,”  the man wrote  in a viral post on Reddit.

His response was a mic drop, as he printed all the nasty comments on a t-shirt and pulled it off in his latest post. As you can suspect, the guy has hit the front page again, but this time with all the trolling nastiness fueling the post with 141k upvotes.

This Reddit user has been posting his weight loss pics on Reddit to motivate others

But online trolls have been sending him nasty comments since he hit the front page

So he printed all the mean comments on a t-shirt and shared the pic for his latest post that hit the front page again

Weight loss is one hell of a journey that more and more Americans go on every year. The number of people who’ve tried to lose weight during the previous year increased to  42% in 2015-2016, up from 34% in 1999-2000 , according to federal survey data. All these people who have been in this place of their lives know how challenging and sometimes life-changing the experience can be.

Unfortunately, mean comments often become a part of it, but the way people handle them is what makes many people stronger. Wellness teacher and book author Cassandra Bodzak  suggests  the kill-’em-with-kindness method.

“This is going to sound crazy, but the best thing you can do when someone says something rude about your weight is to come back with a compliment. Cut it off and change the subject.”

It turns out that, by not engaging, you choose not to receive the comment. “It completely shifts the dynamic and now that person is left to sit with knowing that what they said was inappropriate.”

Other methods include taking it lightly, having a laugh, and changing the subject. No matter what you do in the situation, it’s always up to you what you do with a comment someone made about your appearance. If you’re not feeling comfortable with it, you don’t have to accept it.

And here’s what his weight loss journey looked like

This is what people had to comment about it