27 Pictures That Capture The Terrifying And Surreal Situation At The United States Capitol

1. So, if you haven’t heard, rioters are storming the US Capitol:

Large crowd of rioters holding U.S. flags and 'Trump/Pence' flags


2. They’re pepper-spraying the police:


3. Breaking into offices:

A rioter wearing a 'MAGA' hat and holding an American flag sits at a desk


4. Apparently stealing podiums:

A rioter smiles at a camera while walking off with a podium from the Capitol


5. Climbing the walls of Congress:


6. Having photo ops on the dais:


7. Posing in Congress:


8. And praying to oversized crosses:


9. They’ve made it into Nancy Pelosi’s office…

A rioter sitting in a chair at a desk in Nancy Pelosi's office


10. …and are leaving notes on her desk:


11. Guns have been drawn by security:


12. There have apparently been shots:


13. Staffers are sheltering where they can:


14. And members of Congress are taking cover:


15. It’s terrifying:


16. Someone set up a gallows:


17. Rioters are climbing the building scaffolding:


18. They’re banging on the doors:


19. They’ve breached security:


20. The halls of the Capitol appear to be filled with smoke:


21. And it appears very few have been stopped by the police:

Several people on the ground seeming surrounded by police


22. There are Confederate flags:

Rioter walking through the Capitol freely with a Confederate flag in hand


23. QAnon conspiracy theorists:


24. And lots of angry rioters:


25. Basically, it’s complete chaos:

Rioters and police tussling over a barricade


26. A legit mob:


27. And, as of now, it still hasn’t stopped:

Source: buzzfeed