Dog Won’t Stop Barking At This Stranger Who Stopped To Pet Him, Leads Him Into The Mountains To This Abandoned Baby

The man named Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding his motorbike on what seemed to be a day like any other, through the mountains of Cebu, Philippines. Suddenly, a dog came out of nowhere and started running right after him. The four-legged boy was barking relentlessly as if he was desperate to tell something to Junrell.

Sensing that something was not quite right, Junrell stopped his motorbike and followed the dog to see where he led him. The dog took him right to a dumpsite, where a tiny bundle was lying. It turned out, this was a newborn baby boy wrapped in a brown towel and left completely abandoned.

But thanks to the canine hero, the baby was found in good health and was rushed to the nearest police station. The touching story has quickly spread over social media in the Philippines and many felt touched by the dog’s exceptional bravery. Not all heroes wear capes, and not all of them are humans.


The dog Blacky has become a hero after he wouldn’t stop barking at a passing motorist, who stopped and followed him right to the dumpsite

It was there that a newborn baby wrapped in a towel was found completely abandoned

The heroic dog was initially thought to be a stray, but it turned out he had a home

Blacky’s family still needed help and the animal rescue “Hope For Strays” thanked them with groceries for raising such a smart dog

Many people were touched by this beautiful story, praising Blacky for saving a baby