Strangers Who Did Unbelievably Kind Things And Expected Nothing In Return

1. This drenched, umbrella-wielding hero:

2. This kind Starbucks patron:

3. This chef, neighbor, and all-around good person:

4. This out-of-this-world educator:

5. Willie:

6. This selfless restaurant:

7. This handy and helpful man:

8. This prolific sign maker:

9. This compassionate pizza shop owner:

10. This older gentleman with wisdom to spare:

11. These compassionate drivers:

12. This thoughtful vending machine patron:

13. These heart-wrenchingly sweet rowers:

14. This concerned fish proprietor:

15. The whole country of Mexico:

16. This complete stranger who went above and beyond:

17. This great neighbor:

18. Ahmed:

19. And Michael:

20. This accommodating (and funny) pizza parlor staff:

21. This selfless and hardworking shoveler:

22. This unbelievably generous car owner:

A text message exchange about selling a car where the seller decides to give the car away to free to someone in need

23. These secret Santas:

24. This concerned animal lover:

25. This leave-one-take-one jacket station owner:

26. This tech-savvy gas station patron:

27. These kindhearted gamers:

28. This concerned classmate:

29. This awesome front desk clerk:

30. This truck stop Santa Claus: